What it means to be patriotic: A citizen’s view (Sri Lanka)

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I don’t belong to the majority Buddhist population of our country, nor am I a minority Tamil. I don’t have political agendas, nor do I idolize the likes of the international community. All I am is a more fortunate Sri Lankan youth, lucky enough to be brought up in the urban sector who is indeed privileged than a lot of people in this country. Within the little bit of democracy that’s left in the land I love, I still get to express my views publicly in a less publicized forum like this, and I am afraid the day is near where such simple luxuries in life could be a thing of the past.

I grew up in the midst of Sri Lanka’s ethnic conflict. I tried to avoid using busses, just for the fear of being blown into bits. I despised the LTTE. They are as effed up as it…

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